It all started with an idea….an idea that maybe, just maybe if we created a Space for people to gather and explore health and wellness – we could make a difference! rSpace was designed to be a community center, a place where neighbors could come together and become friends. A place where ideas would be discussed and dreams would manifest into reality. We have a passion for exploring optimal human performance and living thru healthy, holistic, whole living.  rSpace is more than just a place to get a great workout – it’s a second home, a place where people discover the best versions of themselves. We look to take an approach on health that views the entire person – from what we eat, to how we think, and how we move our bodies. No two persons are the same, nor should the approach to wellness be. We encourage you to come and chat awhile with one of our many knowledgeable tribe members to find a path that’s right for you! We are honored and excited to assist others on their journey. Let’s work together to make this trip around the Sun the best one yet!