Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

We all have that safe place inside – the place were we feel comfortable, we know whats behind each door, we know what to expect, we’ve been here a million times…our comfort zone. The thoughts and feelings that come up when we step outside of this zone can be so strong and scary that often they send us running back.  We say it all the time in class -” Step outside your comfort zone, that’s where the real magic happens” but saying it and doing it are two totally different animals. This weekend I found myself in numerous situations and opportunities that immediately turned that little (sometimes very loud) voice of fear and doubt on loud and clear. I recognized my go to thoughts streaming in, rationalizing why I should get myself out of this situation and back to safe ground. But I stayed. I made a decision to stay open, stay present, and stay when I was uncomfortable. Now on the other side I can tell you it was worth every minute. It’s profoundly true that the breakthrough comes when we allow ourselves to trust the growing process. I believe the fear of the unknown, the uncertainty of how things will end up stops so many beautiful moments from manifesting into amazing opportunities. It’s incredible how small choices add up and lend the courage to explore with great curiosity the bigger, scary choices. The beauty of the the whole process is that you possess  the strengths and tools to make that choice, to stay, to let things get messy, to be imperfectly perfect. Take a deep breath. Keep your eyes and heart wide open, opportunities to step outside and grow are all around you. Try it on – I bet it will look fabulous on you 🙂

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