It started off as just a hashtag….. what if when opportunities came knocking this summer, we just said YES – actually HELL YES! An idea that we could squeeze every precious drop out of our short summer and seize the moments without question. And we did just that. We lived. We explored. We laughed until we cried. Looking back it was some of the best days of our lives. We all yearn for the long summer nights, the vacations away from it all and the time spent with those we love so much that coming back to “reality” can be somewhat depressing. With Labor Day here and gone, it was time to retire the hashtag and I couldn’t help but search my mind for the next one, thinking that this hashtag has truly transformed my way of living! And then it hit me – it wasn’t the hashtag, yet the shift in my priorities.  The stress of everyday life hadn’t magically disappeared during these three months – nor did we escape all of our adult responsibilities, but we balanced it all out. We put us on the calendar and let go of the guilt that so often surrounds us when we do so.  We all have one life – we were put on the magnificent planet to do more than work, pay bills and die… we were meant to LIVE! The fall symbolizes shedding of the old to make room for more beauty to grow. I encourage you all to shed that which no longer serves you and brings joy and happiness to your life. Sure we can’t all up and quit our jobs and run off with the Lost Boys, but we can start by saying “Yes” to small opportunities to explore all life has to offer. You’ll be surprised how fast they all add up!

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