Day 4 (and 5 opps) – Nutrition Changes Everything

As I sit to write today’s blog – and yesterday’s – feelings of guilt start to set in for missing a day.  I give myself a minute to digest my thoughts and suddenly realize this is the problem with most “diets”.  How often do we start out on some crazy, unrealistic, diet regime only to find failure?  How deflated are we to start back after this?  As important as nutrition is for us physically, I believe having some forgiveness for ourselves on this journey is as important for us mentally.  I mean you’re doing this to feel better about yourself right? Now this will mean different things for each person depending on your goals.  For the path that I am currently on, zero sugar means zero sugar.  Introducing this back in for a “cheat day” would knock the whole thing off track.  I have found ways to give myself rewards though to satisfy my mental cravings.  Today I felt like a kid on Christmas when I poured that tablespoon of sugar free creamer in my coffee, my reward. Sidenote – I tend to be on team “no sugar free shit” as this is code to me for chemical shit storm, but again we come back to forgiveness and moderation.  Maybe a better choice would have been some natural stevia to sweeten it up a bit, something to try next time.   If we begin to look at our nutrition as a lifetime game changer, its crucial to have this kind of understanding along the way. (P.S. This is not my invitation to you to binge out lol ) Without it, the first speed bump we hit sends us off the path completely, sending us right back into our old eating habits.  What this journey has taught me so far is that if I commit to being more mindful about my food choices my little victories add up.  Focusing on these little triumphs instead of just the end goal helps keep me on track.  This mindset paired with the understanding that I’m not perfect, that some days will be harder than others to stay on track gives me a different perspective on the whole diet game.  I find myself smiling as I write that thinking how funny it is that that little love affair I have with yoga continues to find it’s way off the mat and into my everyday life…..

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