Day 3 – Nutrition Changes Everything

Day 3 – Wednesday AKA Strength Day at the Space – I have a love hate relationship with this day normally and now  I find myself wondering how my new found nutrition regiment will get me thru the day.  Thoughts of doubt start to creep in, maybe today I won’t push as hard, maybe I should take it a little easier than normal.  Reluctantly I roll out my mat and run thru the sequence one more time in my head. The usual crew starts to stroll thru the door, looking to me for motivation and smiles. It then hits me that if it wasn’t for these guys I would not be practicing today, they are what is pushing me to stay accountable and suddenly I’m energized and ready to go.  After class I feel like a new human, invigorated.  How could I give up now when I have so many people looking up to me to find their strength? Move over chocolate – you’re not getting to me today! Egg white omelet down the hatch, black coffee cursing thru my veins, Wednesday it’s time to rock you out. Everything and then some that I was feeling about morning flow was multiplied by 100 during Kettle Bell Conditioning at night. There was not a dry shirt in the studio as every single soul in there was pushing themselves to their max. Feeding off the energy of their neighbors, digging deep, and crushing thru goals. Physically my body was exhausted after, but mentally my brain was on fire! The love and appreciation that I felt to all those that came to class overflowed as I began to think of everyone that has helped to make up the rTribe we’ve created.  I’ve always heard the saying that “It takes village” – mostly correlated with raising children but it got me thinking, what if this is true in regards to finding happiness.  Looking up the definition of Tribe brings it all home – “A tribe is a group of people that care for each other and look out for each other no matter what. They are bonded by a strong sense of shared values, meaning, and purpose in life”. Throughout most of our evolutionary history, humans lived in hunter-gatherer societies where people were much more dependent on tight knit relationships and cooperation. Modern day society ( with the introduction of agriculture and industrialization) has swayed from this human instinct and desire to be part of a community, a tribe. Now there’s no denying that many great luxuries have come with this as well, allowing for people to live more independently but is there a cost? As wonderful as it is to live the life we do – honestly most of us have it pretty damn good – why is it that depression and suicide are more prevalent in our culture than that of poorer nations? Could there be a correlation between loneliness and these mental issues? Where this may be a deeper concept than we’re ready to tackle in today’s blog, I come back to the sense of accountability being part of rTribe gives me.  Stepping out of my individual wants to serve the greater good. That feeling of euphoria  you share with another person when they smash thru their goals, letting go of barriers that were once there. I feel as though it is a missing piece in our lives today.  When was the last time you stepped outside and had a conversation with your neighbor or a stranger for that matter?  Do you know your post man/woman’s name? Maybe today instead of worrying about our sugar intake we start to meet our community, form our Tribe. I’ve said since we opened our doors – the hardest part for people is walking in – once you do your part of the rTribe, you’re family.  As Helen Keller once said “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Thank you, all of you for giving me back this missing piece.

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