Day 1 – Nutrition Changes Everything

First thoughts when as I wake up – ugh I really want creamer in my coffee. I mean truly is there a reason to drink black coffee?? As I reluctantly sip, I start to think about the emotional attachment we have with our food. Do I really need the creamer? ( Clearly not as my coffee was drank as fast as ever). How often are we driven to eat because we are stressed or sad vs. a nutritional need? This thought stuck with me all day as I began to realize my body didn’t need the junk food I was craving, yet it was my mind I had to convince. There’s no denying that my nutrition game has always been my downfall.  More specifically sweets. I can rock out healthy choices at every meal but put a Reese’s in front of me and game over. Now I know life is all about balance – yoga teacher pun – and that a treat every now and then isn’t going to kill me. However, I have decided that I want to train my brain to be more mindful about my eating habits just as I do with my physical exercises. Break away from old habits and fuel my body with the right nutrients it needs to perform at the optimal level.  So here goes, day 1.  Coffee down, Yoga class taught, time to eat! I could feel the hangry creeping in at this point and was pleasantly surprised to come home to a delicious chicken salad awaiting me. Loaded with organic greens, locally raised meat, cucumbers, and a little dressing – life was back to being good. Actually better than good, GREAT! After that meal I was energized and ready to tackle the rest of my day. Then I went grocery shopping……Finding my cart drawn to all my favorite late night goodies, I dug deep and resisted the urge to give in. I noticed I was even more cautious about the snacks and things I bought for the kids. I found a little victory dance as I checked out sans M&M’s ( I swear they were calling my name.) After putting away the groceries, it was time for a little afternoon snack. The hubby and I split an avocado dressed with a little lemon juice and black pepper – fuel to get me thru my upcoming PTA meeting. Water bottle in tow and out the door I go.  I found myself energizing and proud of the day thus far – sure it had be a whopping 24 hours since my last delicious chocolate treat, but hey 24 hours is 24 hours and I was holding strong! An early dinner to fuel us thru Run Club consisted of my favorite meal – Breakfast for Dinner! Egg whites, spinach, turkey sausage, broccoli, and feta cooked in MCT Oil – Yumtastic!  Right around go time for Run Club, I felt my first physical symptom of my new nutritional journey, the headache. Instantly my  mind is on team chocolate telling me “See! See what you’ve done! This is a stupid idea – eat sugar!!!” I start to question the origin of the headache – have I drank enough water today, am I actually hungry?!? And then I realized that here in lies the addiction to sugar my friends. I was literally withdrawing from having this so prevalent in my system. I start to think back to the countless articles I’ve read on detoxing, juicing and the negative affects that sugar has on the mind and body. I take a deep breath and dig deeper. No time to focus on the headache (desire for sugar) with a 2.71 mile run ahead right? I didn’t even realize until I was asked by a friend how my headache was after my run that it was gone! G-O-N-E. No quick pop of a pill, no caving to cravings, just a good ole jog and I was good. I truly believe that conquering nutrition is much harder than any physical goal you have for yourself – but that being said – even more rewarding when you do. I’m not saying I’ve moved mountains on Day 1 but I’ll take my little victories and keep on keeping on.  After all that’s all we can do. Rejoice in your little moments until you look back and realize that is what has shaped the big game changers. Maybe someday I won’t love Reese’s the way I do (maybe) but for today I go to sleep smiling, feeling proud, and ready for Day 2….even if it starts without creamer in my coffee.


One Comment on “Day 1 – Nutrition Changes Everything

  1. Thank you for sending this! I am trying to be more concerned with what I eat and am good all day until I come home. Then it’s I am starving so I drink 16 ounces of water and hope it goes away but it is strong!
    I am going to start drinking black coffee- I love my creamer but I use to drink creamer and 4 teaspoons of sugar with every cup so I know I can make this change.


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