Yoga is for everyBODY

You, yes you, the one reading this who has always “wanted to try out that yoga thing” but hasn’t because you’re afraid you can’t, You Can.  Everyday I meet people who have reservations about coming to class, thinking they will be the only one there who can’t touch their toes or that they don’t have the “right body” for yoga. The truth is, yoga teaches us to love and accept ourselves for all that we are, individually. No two practices will ever be the same for any two people or even for ourselves. Everytime we step on the mat its not to downward dog better than our neighbor, yet to bow to ourselves and connect with our spirit. Yoga is often defined as union and through our meditations, breathing practices, and asanas (postures) we are able to bring together in union our body, mind, and spirit.The personal journey that yoga leads us threw shines light in our dark areas allowing us to grow into our best selves and in turn help others do the same. And that indeed is something for everyBODY. Step outside your comfort zone and onto your mat, we’ll catch you if you fall along the way.